Client Relationships

Minimum net
worth of $10M+


Substantial assets or
cash flow

Need for significant life insurance coverage

For high-net-worth individuals and families, wealth accumulation means managing an array of complex tax + estate challenges.

The measure of all successful advisor-to-client relationships is the ability to find growth opportunities, while simultaneously preserving and protecting wealth. This is especially important for expansive portfolios that include unique asset classes and multi-generational investments.

We believe that life insurance is about more than protection. When combined with Premium Financing, high-value insurance coverage becomes part of a tax strategy that minimizes impact on allocated resources and maximizes cost efficiencies, including estate taxation.



“Premium financing is a complex process that requires implementation and a commitment to annual reviews and adjustments. It’s an entrance and exit strategy. Working with a team you can trust is key.”

Kevin Conlon, Charter Oak Financial



“When appropriate, Premium Financing allows our clients to leverage their success to utilize a system that protects them and their assets, while providing additional growth opportunities.”

Joseph Gaglio, Shepherd Wealth Group



“Our clients typically ask us two questions: ‘Can I trust them?’ and ‘Can they really do what they say?’ We’re emphatic in responding ‘Yes’ to both. Integrity is a core characteristic of Madan + Associates.”

Eugene Peysakh, Barnum Financial Group

Legacy planning + long-term income strategy.
2 challenges, 1 solution.

Premium Financing Life Insurance is a powerful tool for the right planning scenarios. Experienced advisors engage our team to introduce their high-net-worth clients to the concept of premium finance and gain exclusive access to our case modeling + servicing.

Our ideal clients are familiar with the wealth-creating power of leverage. By using existing assets to borrow from a trusted lender, individuals and families are able to access significant benefits, including: Estate Preservation, Tax Efficiency, Retained Capital, Simplicity.

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Estate Preservation

Address common needs and priorities, including: Assisting with the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next with a lower cash outlay, maintaining estate liquidity to pay taxes, settle debts and fulfill bequests upon death, and replacing wealth that might be lost to estate and gift taxes when used in conjunction with an irrevocable life insurance trust.

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Tax Efficiency

By paying interest instead of premiums, and structuring ownership of the life insurance properly, our clients can minimize their gift and estate taxes. Premium financing can help them use more of their annual gifting exclusions rather than tapping prematurely into lifetime exemptions. And, if structured properly, life insurance proceeds can be tax-free, maximizing the after-tax returns for the estate/beneficiaries.

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Retained Capital

Many high-net-worth clients earn double-digit returns on their wealth, be it in their business, real estate or the stock market. Instead of redirecting assets to pay for large life insurance premiums, premium finance allows them to retain more of that capital and keep it working in high returning asset classes

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An irrevocable trust funded with life insurance can mitigate the need for complex, time-consuming, and costly asset sales by replacing wealth lost through estate taxes and fees.

Understand what the risks are and what we can do to mitigate them.

Interest Rates
When interest rates are floating, the costs can go up in a rising rate environment.

By acquiring rate caps, swaps or entering into a fixed rate arrangement, we can mitigate these risks.

Policy Performance
In a permanent whole life contract, performance is driven by dividends. While dividends are not guaranteed, by using a major mutual carrier with a strong track record and balance sheet, we can mitigate much of this risk.

Collateral Risk
When posting cash, we risk erosion of the purchasing power of the cash to inflation. When posting securities, there is the risk of market volatility, potentially leading to a margin call. Careful design and management of a sinking fund should be implemented and is at the core of every design.

Exit Timing
When using policy cash values or outside assets, the performance of each may drive when to repay the bank loan. Given the formula for wealth involves time, capital, and a rate of return, shortfall in any one area may require an increase in another. Typically an exit between fourteen and eighteen years from inception is a good conservative benchmark.

Close relationships are the expectation for our work.

Madan + Associates is a referral-based advisory practice. We work exclusively through a network of trusted financial advisors and select investors.

Prospective clients are evaluated based on specific criteria, including current holdings + assets, liquidity, income, health, risk tolerance, investment profile, and objectives.