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Aptly based in the world’s financial capital, we proudly call New York City “home.” Our team of specialists has been carefully selected based on their knowledge, skill, and commitment to helping clients and their advisors solve their most complex insurance challenges.

Meet the M+ Team  Kuldeep · Alex · Kathleen · Charlie · Manjola · Jose · Pizza

Headshot drawing of Kuldeep S. Madan

Kuldeep S. Madan

Financing Specialist

I’ve always looked up to the little guys who made it big. Perhaps it’s my natural affinity for the underdog. Maybe it’s a nod to my own background as the son of immigrants whose move to the U.S. provided me unlimited opportunity. Whatever the influence, it fits perfectly with the journey of my clients—self-made successes who need someone as invested as they are in protecting what they’ve worked so hard for.

Like many of those clients, I didn’t necessarily plan out my path. As a kid, my idea of the perfect job was to be able to help in some way, but in adulthood, I found myself pursuing an advertising career. Nearly a decade ago, a chance encounter on a New York train rerouted those aspirations toward life insurance. It turns out that by building mutually trusting, comfortable relationships to help others meet their goals, I found that perfect profession after all. I’m constantly inspired to find creative solutions to my clients’ most pressing challenges.

Of course, our work isn’t all there is to life. My wife and I have made it our mission to see the whole world before we start a family. In between our travels, we call Long Island City home.

Headshot drawing of Alexander Aderman

Alexander Aderman

Financing Specialist



Starting my career in financial services, I’d heard that “becoming a life insurance agent is one of the noblest professions, second only to being clergy.” As the only child of two clergy members, I understood at a very young age the power of helping others. And while that exposure made it clear that my own life’s work should be an influence for good, I knew the clerical path wasn’t for me.

Whether my initial pursuit of financial services was inspired by power of suggestion or something else, it cemented itself as the only career for me as I helped my own family settle the affairs of a loved one. The impact of that process never faded. I have since helped hundreds of other families and individuals prepare for the future, obtaining additional licenses and designations along the way to deepen the level of service I can provide.

At work and in life, I believe in the philosophy of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Professionally, this means constantly challenging myself to learn and do more. Personally, it’s a perfect way to describe my golf game. When I’m not swinging on the course, I can be found trying new restaurants with my wife or shooting hoops with my dog at my side.

Headshot drawing of Kathleen Cleveland

Kathleen Cleveland




If you’ve scrolled through our team’s stories, you’ll notice a theme: We all have a thing for challenges.

For me, making the impossible possible has been ingrained from an early age. My mother—widowed when I was only five years old—overcame numerous obstacles to make sure I had everything I needed. I leaned on her example of grit and kindness as I carved out my career path in this industry, and rely on it nearly every day to turn “no” into “yes” for the benefit of our clients.

I enjoy challenges of a different kind outside of the office, whether it’s pursuing my passion for design and photography, kayaking in the Long Island Sounds, or hiking in the Catskills. When it’s time to truly relax, you’ll find me with my husband and our hounds at my side.

Headshot drawing of Charles Sleys.

Charlie Sleys

Case Design



My path to finance began with a conversation with my own brother. He was an underwriter at the time and saw a career for me I hadn’t considered. While siblings can be reluctant to admit when the other is right, I’m happy to say mine led me in the right direction.

The many moving parts of my day may include preparing case designs, managing bank relationships, securing financing, or assisting with policy and loan renewals. Each is its own unique puzzle: The solution is always there. You just have to know how to find it. Solving these puzzles on behalf of our clients is easily the best part of my work.

When it’s time to unwind, watching sports and movies, spending time with my family, or going to the beach are almost always at the top of my list.

Headshot drawing of Manjola Cela

Manjola Cela




I’ve never been someone who liked to stay in one place, or who could ever tire of meeting new people. It was no surprise that I left my home country at age 18 to study international business in New York City.

What followed did come as a surprise. A series of opportunities presented themselves at just the right time to build the career I didn’t know I wanted: An internship at a life insurance company became a full-time job, a boss who believed in my abilities became my work sponsor, and an introduction at a networking event became the spark that ignited my passion for premium financing.

Since then, I’ve played a part in renewing thousands of premium financing loans. My conviction for protection, an enthusiasm for premium financing, and my ease building relationships means I never have a bad day in the office. This happiness is matched only when I’m traveling or spending time with my beloved family, with which everything starts and ends.

Headshot drawing of Jose Novoa

Jose Novoa




People have been asking me for advice my whole life, enough so that I once imagined I’d become a therapist. When my natural ability to connect with others intersected with my interest in finance, a career was born.

I’m fully in my element when getting to know our clients—always as people first. These relationships serve not only as a guide to how we’ll achieve their financial objectives, but also to remind me of the very real hopes, dreams, livelihoods, and families behind each person I advise.

My own family grounds and inspires me, in and out of work. Notably, their influence has taught me to be resourceful and persistent, a trait I’m proud to bring to bear for my clients. Born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, I’m proud to serve my community and beyond.

Headshot drawing of Alessandro Catano

Alessandro Catano




Sacrifice, success, sincerity, sports, and sneakers. This is my life in a nutshell.

My parents came to this country with very little, and, like many immigrants with children, put their own wants and needs second to making sure my siblings and I were positioned to succeed. Their example was my blueprint for the long game: The best things come to those who wait, but also to those who give it their all.

This ethos informs my work with both M+’s clients and our internal team. In growing relationships, words alone aren’t enough. You build trust over time by doing what you say you’ll do, doing it well, and by always having the other person’s best interests at heart. This is the special sauce that makes M+ an excellent partner, inside and out.

When I’m not working hard, you’ll find me watching others play hard. I’m a sports fanatic who can almost always be found in front of a basketball, football, or baseball game, likely wearing a selection from my 25-pair collection of sneakers.

Headshot of Pizza S. Madan (A very adorable little dog).

Pizza S. Madan

Good Boy

The expression “it’s a dog’s life” applies perfectly to me.

Although I’m only three years old, I’ve already traveled to eleven countries with my family. I use my best manners to make sure I live up to my title wherever I go, making people smile from Mexico to Italy.

When I’m not charming the world, I’m providing happiness right here in my hometown of Long Island City. I enjoy long walks around our neighborhood, fun at the dog park, and cuddling up with my parents, Mom and Dad.

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